Zoom: The ultimate video tool

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    You can use just one tool to run every aspect of your digital video communications.

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    Make money through digital coaching, webinars, masterminds, or sales calls.

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Marriage Blogger, Author

Jackie Bledsoe

“I love the instruction Andy provides. It's simple and to the point. I’m more confident using Zoom now after quickly going through the whole course in less than an hour.”


Brigette Cutshall

“I just launched a new membership site and will be using Zoom for our monthly meetings. Andy's course has been instrumental in helping me prepare. I feel so much more confident than I did before. Definitely worth it!”

Host of Read To Lead Show, Podcast Coach

Jeff Brown

“Zoom has totally changed how I handle online meetings. But I am starting to realize how much more it is capable of -- in large part thanks to insight from Andy. You won't find many people as generous with their knowledge as Andy Traub, which is why this course is so helpful.”

VP of Marketing, Rainmaker Digital

Jerrod Morris

“Zoom has quickly become my “go to” platform for coaching, but I’d been looking for a way to leverage it for all that it can offer. Master Zoom gave me the exact way to make that happen (and in the fastest way possible). I’ve already started to use it for podcasts, making interview with guests simpler and easier. If you want to wring every last ounce of what Zoom has under the hood, then get Master Zoom.”

Productivity expert, Author, Blogger at Productivityist.com

Mike Vardy

“Andy makes learning new technology fun and easy! He’s thorough and clear for non-techy people like me. I totally trust his advice. I’m sold on Zoom!”

Licensed Counselor

Judy Herman

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What's inside the course...

  • 01
    1 - Start Here & Support
    Show details
    • Navigating this course
    • Email Support Request
  • 02
    2 - Equipment Setup
    Show details
  • 03
    3 - Setting Up Zoom.us
    Show details
    • Account Settings PDF Guide
    • Configuring Zoom Settings
    • Mac Menu Bar Navigation
  • 04
    4 - Conducting Coaching & Consulting
    Show details
    • Coaching Room Setup
    • Coaching PDF Guide
    • Automating Appointments w/ Calendly, Zoom, and Evernote
    • Breakout Rooms
    • Managing First Time Users
    • First Time User Guide
  • 05
    5 - Hosting Masterminds / Podcasting / Webinars
    Show details
    • Running mastermind meetings
    • Recording podcasts
    • Setting up webinars
    • Should you choose recurring or the duplicate webinar option?

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